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Waffle maker working top

The fitted worktop for the crêpe maker and waffle maker has been designed to make service easier and to improve workstation ergonomics. The ideal way to organise a space for serving sweet snacks, this worktop features an all-stainless steel design and a protective glass panel.

  • With removable equipment

    Dual working top for crepe maker and waffle maker

    2 587,00 HT

    • French manufacturing
      French manufacturing.
    • Export team: +33 2 98 53 92 92
      Export team: +33 2 98 53 92 92.
    • Quote within 48 hours
      Quote within 48 hours.
    • 12 months warranty on spare parts
      12 months warranty on spare parts.
    • 10-year repairable product commitment
      10-year repairable product commitment.