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How to season a cast iron use waffle maker ?

This operation is required for new plates of professional waffle maker.

Use edible sunflower seed oil that contains no other ingredients.

Season using a seasoning pad fitted with 3 stacked refill sheets.

Seasoning is carried out using a brush and lasts about 25 minutes, excludes preheating.

  1. Preheat the waffle maker to 280 °C.
  2. Close the irons for faster preheating.
  3. Once the irons are hot, use a brush to apply a thin, even coat of vegetable oil.
  4. Close the irons and allow the seasoning oil to heat for 10 minutes.
  5. Next, apply a second coat of oil, and heat for 10 minutes.
  6. Switch the waffle maker off.Préchauffer le gaufrier à 280°C.

Krampouz cast irons require seasoning before the first use of the professional electric waffle maker.

How to carry out regular cleaning of professional cast iron plates use waffle maker ?

  1. With the iron plates closed, preheat the waffle maker to its maximum temperature of 300 °C.
  2. Heat for a few minutes on maximum temperature.
  3. Switch the waffle maker off.
  4. Whilst the plates are still hot, use a wire brush to remove any sugar or fat residues.
  5. If you are stripping the plate back, keep rubbing until the cast iron appears.

How to strip back plates use waffle maker by Pyrolysis ?

  1. When the waffle iron is cold, unscrew the Heating Element Pack.
  2. Remove the plates for cleaning.
  3. Place one plate in the oven and select the Pyrolysis program.
  4. Once the Pyrolysis programme is complete, leave the plate to cool down, then use a wire brush to lift off any residues.