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How to clean and maintain a crêpe maker plate?

There are some basic steps to take in order to ensure your plate will last for years. After each use and before cleaning, be sure to unplug the crêpe maker and let the plate cool down before starting to clean it. When performed systematically after each use, cleaning helps to avoid the build-up of deposits.

How to clean a crêpe maker with a machined cast iron plate

This plate needs to be seasoned before its first use.

After each use, the machined cast iron plate is wiped with a Krampouz cleaning pad to remove cooking residues.

In the course of using your appliance, the fat added on the plate to make the pancakes gradually thickens the initial seasoning. Regular cleaning prevents the seasoning layer from becoming too thick, the effect of which would be:

– insulation, which adversely affects cooking

– lifting or peeling, giving the impression that the metal is disintegrating

To maintain the correct seasoning, we recommend frequent (every 4 to 5 uses in a domestic kitchen) light scrubbing with an abrasive stone. With the plate still warm, lightly rub over the stone in a circular motion following the machined grain of the plate. Do not worry about scratching the metal, the cast iron plate is very strong. Use a cloth to wipe away any abrasive stone shavings, then wipe with a damp sponge and reapply a layer of oil.

If due to a lack of regular cleaning your seasoning layer becomes too thick, it is possible to strip the plate back by sanding: For this, please contact our After-Sales Service team. Warning: you must never attempt to sand the plate on your crêpe maker by using a hand-held electrical device.

The frame on the crêpe makers with a machined cast iron plate is made of painted steel. If batter runs onto the paintwork or it is splattered with fat, simply clean off using a soft sponge soaked in warm water and non-chlorine based liquid detergent. Never use an abrasive product or wire brush.

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