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Made in France
Made in France

Automatic Control System


Gas plancha with Automatic Control System, large

30% energy saving

572,00 HT

686,40 TTC


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The gas plancha with thermostatic control system.

The Krampouz all-stainless steel professional gas plancha runs on 4500W for excellent performance and a total cooking surface of 64 cm x 34 cm. Featuring two separate cooking areas, this model lets you cook several meals simultaneously: perfect for grilling burgers, etc.

You’ll be amazed by the performance of this appliance: the stainless steel grill plate design delivers fast pre-heating times, excellent heat distribution and true responsiveness whenever the temperature is adjusted. The plancha features two dials for ease of use and precision cooking. Cooking juices are collected at the front of the appliance in a large removable tray that holds 70 cl.

Save up to 30% in energy. This gas plancha is fitted with an automatic temperature control system: Automatic Control System. Thanks to this innovation, the flames are automatically adjusted to ensure a stable and even cooking temperature. You control the heating power of the appliance with the same precision as on an electric plancha.

This versatile electric plancha with fast pre-heating and even heat distribution across its plate mean it is a must-have for snack food service.

This plancha comes fitted for butane or propane gas supply, and natural gas injectors are also supplied.

The benefits of the device

Cuisson haute précision (EN)

2 zones de cuisson (EN)


The automatic control system ensures that the plate temperature remains stable, so you can control your cooking with the same precision that you enjoy with an electric plancha. Save up to 30% in energy!


All-stainless steel plate and frame design.


Stainless steel is renowned for its hygienic properties and is easy to clean down after service.

Advice on use and maintenance

Cleaning the plate with water after service or between two dishes is easy and takes no time. As stainless steel is very easy to clean when still hot, cleaning the plate is even quicker if done immediately after using the plancha.

  1. For total safety during cleaning, the plancha must be switched off and the power lead unplugged for an electrical appliance.
  2. Using a stainless steel spatula, scrape the plate to remove the larger cooking deposits.
  3. With the plate still hot, pour over water or drop on some ice cubes. The resulting thermal shock will help to lift off any remaining juices. Leave it to work for a few minutes if your plate has a build-up of deposits and moisten again if necessary.
  4. Using the spatula, scrape the plate and lift off the watered-down juices.
  5. Rub the plate with a stainless steel scrubber.
  6. Rinse with clean water using a soft sponge.

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2 x 2 250 W


20 kg


40 × 69 × 26.6 cm

Zones de cuisson



Automatic control system of the temperature


Indoor and Outdoor use

Frame material

Stainless steel

Removable tray for cooking residues capacity

70 cl

Cooking surface

64 x 34 cm

Shape of burners


Thermostatic control

2 thermostats adjustable up to 300 °C


Spark igniter


Automatic gas cut-out if there is no flame


Butane / propane-fired


Adapter kit supplied for town gas/natural gas

Adjustable feet

2 adjustable feet at the rear for excellent stability


1-year warranty